What We do
Discovering Raw Talent

We spare no expense in our search for talent. We believe if given the right tools, platform and guidance, budding artists can grow to realise their full potential. 

We are out to find those artists and empower them. 


We look to provide the artists we work with, an excellent standard of mentoring and tutoring by offering training in the arts and social skills. 

It is our belief that the skills acquired by grassroot artists under our tutelage will enhance their personal development and give them the opportunity to participate on an international platform.

Showcasing African Talents

1952 Africa recognises there is a need for the African artist to be valued and acknowledged within the international art space. Historically, the African Artist is undervalued and their growth, exposure and returns are limited. 

We strive to change the narrative in this area by showcasing their talents, promoting their work and ensuring their art is priced at the international value. 

Tracian Meikle - Photo
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