Frozen Choices, Sacred Space

A solo photography exhibition by Aize Muhammed Paul.

Frozen choices, Sacred space, projects the uncertain but progressive journey of a man travelling through the phallic phase of co-dependence, gradually reaching the level of autonomy and hope. The Photographer expresses his perception of ‘being’ by capturing life in its most vulnerable form, while employing the use of his native language (Edo) to describe each group of work in this series. 

Profoundly inspired by life’s journey, this series projects the photographer's view on inter-relationship. The series explores man’s revolving journey of self-conflict/ denial, inter-dependence, and uncertainty, with a dash of optimism, hence the title, “Frozen choices, sacred space”. 

Further inspired by life’s choices as a consequence of our immediate surroundings, Aize explores the world from the eyes of the innocent and underexposed, who eventually surrender to the world that surrounds them. This photo series exudes the refreshing essence of hope, innocence and expectations floating, against the daily backdrop of despair, poverty, and eventual surrender. 

Aize explores the very familiar concepts of uncertainty and vulnerability which characterize the daily life of the impoverished man, from childhood to early adulthood. “Come on a journey into a sacred space where humans only existence is in the truest and barest form.”

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