Janeth Adebayo


Janet Adenike Adebayo is a self taught Nigerian artist, born in 1997, in Lagos. Her painting journey began in 2017, but in 2020, she became a full-time artist and since then dedicated herself to genuinely expressing and communicating with her art. She refers to herself as a "confessional" artist, that is, the art she creates expresses what she feels from within with absolute openness. Adebayo expresses herself using acrylic and mixed media on canvas. As a true expressionist, she employs techniques like "mosaic skin", where she uses a collage of colours to create figures, and exaggerations, which is obvious in the head and the lips.
Inspired by her painful past experiences, Janet chooses to paint her realities in a positive light. Emotions and fantasies are prominent features of her works; she creates fantasy to evoke a sense of belonging and momentary escape. Her current works showcase her perspective on subject matters like family, trauma, masculinity, self awareness and self appraisal. In the near future she hopes to explore themes like pain and erotic art.
While pursuing artistic proficiency, Adebayo enrolled in Double R Studio, under mentor Raheem Rasheed to learn pencil drawing techniques. She obtained her Higher National Diploma, from Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, where she studied food technology.
In her journey as an artist she has participated in exhibitions like, Contemplation, an exhibition in celebration of women’s history month by Yenwa gallery (April 2022) and HER VIM Exhibition by Kakaaki gallery (June 2021). She currently lives in Lagos and looks up to artists Oladotun Abiodun, Yasser Claud-Ennin, Tracien Meikle and writer Bell Hooks. Asides art, Janet enjoys country music, athletics, dancing, fashion and food production.
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