Jane Uga


Ntiense Tom Udom is a multi- disciplinary Nigerian artist, born in 1994 in the capital city of Cross River, Calabar. Her interest in the arts was nurtured during her childhood solitude moments where she was fond of drawing comic stories and exploring creativity using found objects. This was further developed when she embarked on an academic journey for a bachelors and masters degree in fine arts at the Cross River University of Technology, Calabar Nigeria and University of Benin, Nigeria Respectively.
Udom, whose artistic influence is drawn from her mileu, her gender as well as her nostalgic years promotes and champions the self-awareness of African women; highlighting how they live to their fullest potential and the impact they have on their society.
An all round expressionist, Ntiense’s practice spans poetry, digital arts and traditional paintings which encircle themes of women, culture and environment. Her recent body of work characterizes geometric shapes, flat tones and bold saturations in its expressions, which is inspired by Cubism.
She enjoys music, dancing and devising strategies to engage children and young adults using arts as a therapy and an advocacy resource. She has participated in exhibitions both in Nigeria and in the Diaspora. In April, 2022, she co-curated the late Victor Uwafios creative hub Exhibition which spotlighted artworks of Benin artists
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